The price went up

I absolutely need to be a lot more careful when using my bank debit card, however i made a pretty bad mistake the other month when I was having some heating and A/C service being made to my central Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit.

When I called the heating and A/C company to send a certified heating and A/C specialist out to my lake home to do the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair, I thought I could just put the cost of it on my bank debit card.

I thought that there was enough currency in my bank account to cover the bill from the heating and A/C company! Much to my surprise after I let the heating and A/C company charge my bank debit card, everything went bad! My bank account got overdrawn by a little over a single hundred dollars! I was that much short. I had forgot that i had another bill on autopay on it. This is what caused the problem. I called the local heating and A/C company to see if they could reverse the charge and instead charge my debit card. I explained to them the mistake I made in not keeping familiar track of my bank debit card. They were absolutely understanding about the situation and allowed me to charge it to my debit card and reversed the charge on my bank debit card. This made it so I did not have to pay any overdraft fees with my bank. I was absolutely gleeful about this! The heating and A/C company is ran by some pretty kind folks.

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