The problem won’t just go away

My entire family got together last year to celebrate my sister’s anniversary, and at the cafe we were going to for brunch, while she was still out at her automobile helping her daughter out of her carseat, my sibling went up to the hostess who takes you to your seat to make a specific request. I happened to overhear my brother asking for our party to be sat in the seat that is closest to the AC vents. I couldn’t help but smile at this; our sister is known for complaining about how every time she goes out to dine at a restaurant, she ends up getting placed right under an A/C vent. So our sister came in with her daughter, and my brother and I exchanged a look as our party was led back to where we’d be seated. And, lo and behold, the hostess followed through on the request, sitting us at a table that was directly under the A/C. Immediately after she sat down in her seat, you could see the irritated look on her face as she noticed the AC, and she muttered an exasperated “Every time!” My brother and I started laughing, like the immature fools we are. We kindly asked our waitress when she came to take our orders if we could be moved away from the A/C. As family, we really enjoy picking on each other, but it wouldn’t be genuinely nice if our fun little joke with the AC ended up wrecking her entire anniversary meal. And so the waitress was friendly enough to let us move away from the A/C, despite our original request to be placed under it. We also made sure to tip her very well at the end of the night for her wonderful service.