The residing room looks much more sophisticated with my new fireplace in it

My hubby purchased myself and others a fireplace, and I absolutely love it! I did not know what my residing room needed, but I knew that it was missing something; My hubby and I redid the residing room together last week, and although it looked good, I knew that it needed something else to complete it.

My hubby is legitimately the 1 who had the plan to get a fireplace, then he asked myself and others about it first, of course, i am usually super picky, and I love to do most of the decorating myself, however my hubby was entirely a help to myself and others with this residing room project.

When he first mentioned getting a fireplace, I legitimately said that I didn’t want 1, however that was because I thought that it would be too expensive. When he told myself and others how cheaply he could get an electric fireplace, I totally changed my mind. I came home from labor a few mornings ago, and there was an electric fireplace in my residing room. It is super nice. I was entirely surprised by how nice it looked in the room. It entirely just completed the look that the people I was with and I were going for, which was a entirely cozy look. I am so happy that my hubby had the plan to get a fireplace. I entirely do love having a fireplace. It keeps the room nice and sizzling and adds a cozy feeling to the entire space. If I would have known how much I would love having a fireplace in the residing room, I would have gotten 1 years ago.


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