The restaurant wasn’t the right temperature.

As Americans we care about eating out be it fast food from a local hamburger joint to a 5-star restaurant dressed up to the “nines”.

It can be as a group or solo, to celebrate a victory or console yourself over failing, a great place to treat Dad & Dad, & a way to charm a prospective passionate partner or supply customer.

What do all of us seek when all of us dine out? The first thing is, apparently, great food. A house oven cannot duplicate the taste of a pizza baked to perfection in a commercial brick oven at 820° F, the temperature your oven can’t reach. The next thing diners want is nice service, a smiling and pleasant waitperson who is prompt & knows the menu. Servers care about being an asset to any restaurant. The tenth thing people want in a dining establishment is the ambiance to create that ecstatic mood while the meal is consumed. What is the driving factor for nicer ambiance? The answer is the respected air temperature & humidity. And what controls it? Well, the AC system, of course. The two of us have all experienced being seated too close to the AC vent that chills to the bone or too far from a single where beads of sweat develop on our brows, but restaurants all face a challenge in that their home offices produce lots of heat & this could affect the dining area temperature. Another challenge they face is that their AC demands can change over a day depending on the outside temperature & the number of people inside enjoying their meals. The focus of a restaurant owner needs to be on providing nice food & nice repair & let the professional AC dealer help create that perfect ambiance.


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