The right HVAC air filter makes a difference

Just this past Saturday, I finally managed to buy the right air filter for the central cooling system.

I learned that air filters have a major impact on the efficiency of the cooling plan as well as indoor air integrity.

It has cost me a significant amount of money buying multiple kinds of filters. There was a lot of dust, lint and dander circulating around in the house. The concern started when I wanted to focus more on the indoor air quality and determined that the current air filter was insufficient. I had become more aware of the consequences of polluted indoor air on my family due to the covid outbreak. I did some online reading and l learned that the air inside is often a lot more dangerous than the outdoor air. Funus, bacteria, viruses and all sorts of harmful toxins can get trapped and spread by the heating and cooling system and then inhaled into the lungs of family members. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, headaches and congestion can often be due to the air quality in the home. I made the mistake of being cheap and chose a lower level filter. This was a problem because the filter failed to capture any significant amount of air contaminants. I noticed that I was dusting and vacuuming far more often. I then selected the best filter on the market. I researched and bought one with a super high MERV rating. This air filter featured such tiny holes that it caught everything and became dirty really quickly. When I called to have the air conditioner serviced in the spring, I asked the tech what filter would be recommended for my particular model. He said to buy a HEPA filter. It has made a noticeable improvement in the hygiene of the home. Plus, the filter defends the HVACsystem from an infiltration of debris. I now need to be good about cleaning the filter every month.

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