The rise in technology is stunning

The world is amazed by up-to-date technology plus its impact on every single industry in the world.

Just try to remember life numerous years ago from today.

Back in 2009, my buddies were bragging about getting “the up-to-date iPhone”. From what I recall off the top of my head, only a few models had been out at that time. I always downloaded songs from off Limewire plus Napster. I could literally drag an mp3 songs file from Limewire over to iTunes to bypass purchasing songs individually. “Everything is changing so suddenly” seems to be a really worn out statement. I feel that numerous people are entirely unaware of the depth in that abused phrase. I want to point out some of the newest projects in the HVAC equipment industry. Movement activated air conditioner systems are already in place in some commercial buildings today. Carrier’s website has residential plus commercial dampers that can be used in air duct that basically allows different temperature zones to be controlled by their own designated thermostat. Each zone could also be remotely controlled by a smart thermostat, or a combination of traditional & smart thermostats. There’s also hybrid energy HVAC equipment that uses solar energy plus natural gas to heat your property. The air conditioner mode of this dual energy system freezes water overnight to cool down the refrigerant. This process can entirely reduce energy consumption levels to 63% of what a traditional AC compressors would typically use. There are a few other up-to-date HVAC equipment concepts in research plus development. Just for a bonus to put out there, stop and think about all of the water we all waste each year “waiting for the water to get warm”. I’ve learned about hot water recirculation systems that are supposed to recirculate water running chilly water until it is perfectly heated, saving a great deal of water plus money.

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