The search for a new HVAC company

Most people don’t worry about needing a new HVAC company until they have a problem with their furnace or air conditioning system. My wife and I have been looking for a new HVAC company ever since the new owner took over the old HVAC company. I knew there would be some changes when the old HvAC company was bought out. We expected to see some new policies and maybe even some rate hikes. We didn’t expect that we would be ripped off. We had a new heating system installed right before the new HVAC owner took over. When it came time to have our maintenance done on the furnace, they told us that there was a problem and they had to do some repairs. I knew there could have been recalls that needed repaired, but I also knew that with my maintenance plan, all repairs would be covered. When they handed me a hefty bill, I was upset. I called the company owner and he told me that they no longer honored the maintenance agreement that was made with the old HVAC company owner. I had to purchase a new maintenance agreement and since it wasn’t purchased prior to the repairs, I had to pay for the repairs,. I talked to a couple of friends who also use that HVAC company and they had the same thing happening. We were all in search of a new HVAC company. I heard of an HVAC company that covered our area and I told everyone else about it. Within two weeks, we all left the old HVAC company. That’s when I found out that there weren’t any recalls on our furnace and there weren’t any repairs done to the furnace.

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