The seasons continue changing

In the country that I live in the weather varies everywhere you go.

If you head down south it is extremely usually, if you head up north it is extremely cold.

There are also a few places along the coast that aren’t extremely hot nor cold, but those areas are packed with people, causing the rent & cost of living to be off the charts. All of these places have their pros & their cons, but the area of the country that I live in is the perfect area. It never gets extremely frigid where I live so there is no need to hire an Heating & Air Conditioning ventilation, heating & cooling company to send out a crew to install some fancy radiant flooring. It also never gets extremely hot, so my neighbors & I don’t have the need to buy some overpriced a/c device either. Being able to have virtually zero of my costs go towards Heating & Air Conditioning utilities is extremely precious in my country, & with that extra currency I am able to do so many more things. I can travel around more than the average man separate from any currency worries, & I have much less stress to deal with on a bi-weekly basis compared to my friends I have talked to who live in uncommon temperatures. My neighborhood might not be as giant or bustling as some of the cities along the coast or in the south, but as long as I am able to save tons of currency & not worry about being angry during the seasons I am going to happily stay where I am located.

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