The SEO keywords you want

Have you ever looked at the advertisements that are next to the search results that appear on Google?  If you have, you know about pay-per-click, or PPC. PPC is a form of advertising. Advertisers will whenever a user clicks on one of their online ads.  The ads are the preclusion that gets the viewer to your website. A lot of thought needs to go into the ad that you are using for your PPC ad. You need to fill it with SEO keywords.  You need to make it eye-catching. A lot of this will be done by your website creator. Use your imagination. What would make you want to click on an ad? My son said he isn’t getting interest in his new website.  I asked him how he was getting people there. He said he thought they would just start clicking. We began to talk about Google ads and PPC. He looked at me like I had three heads. He had never heard of any of this.  A website is an easy thing to build, but you need to get people to the website. You need to make sure that if they get there, you have their interest and you can keep it. If you can’t get them to where they are clicking on the button that gets their business, your website is useless.  If people are looking to buy or even for information, they mostly go to google now, to look for that specific item. Whether they want pizza, flowers, or just looking for a food specialty, or in his case, HVAC companies in their area, they are probably on google, looking through the ads.  Make your ads stand-out, get your PPC and you may just see some traffic on your website.

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