The serviceman finished the system check

My buddy Xin lives in the west. So I don’t get to see Xin as much as I would want to. So when I can see Xin, I make the most of it.  I take my sons and let them loose outdoors, and the adults stay indoors, drinking some beer and having cocktails. Xin and I catch up on what is going on. Xin and I also tell stories about our times as a couple, just having a grand old time.  Eventually the boys come back in, ready for some snacks, so Xin and I order a few subs and set up some extra tables so the boys have room, when it gets to be evening time though, Xin and I send the boys to bed and follow soon after. Each thing is quite nice during the time there, except for 1 thing. It’s just too warm in Xin’s place!  My sons and I are used to warmish temperatures, so going down south is not quite a usual thing for us all. This wouldn’t be too much of a concern except that my buddy Xin is quite used to the heat of the west. So, my buddy Xin doesn’t tend to turn on his cooling method nearly as often as I would like. Xin will leave windows open and ceiling fans working, and I would really appreciate the cooling method to be on too. There are times that I’ll sneak to the temperature control and set it at a cooler temperature, however it’s still too heated in there. Then I end up super hot.

furnace filter