The sexy AC serviceman

The two of us found a pressing task at a local dress shop, just a few days ago. Some best friends were working at this particular shop as well as found some time to receive the manager interview. The manager believe this good personality as well as funky nature would be great for the shop as well as hired the two of us directly on the spot. The two of us work on evenly during the dress shop hours for same weekend times. The two of us were here for multiple weeks as well as on even temperatures in the outdoor area was beginning to warm up. As uneven temperatures rose up carefully, the sales as well as traffic on our feet did as well. More as well as some different people were coming into the store each as well as every afternoon as well as it seems that our AC component was not functioning properly. People were consistent coming out as well as inside of the door which meant that our AC component was constantly running. During most times, that AC component would not maintain any type of temperatures that were easily below 70 degrees. It made the environment uncomfortable for many of my co-workers as well as the two of us. The boss easily decided that it was time to find a person to investigate the problem with the AC component. We would normally see a dude named Tony who is that maintenance worker that normally taxed on our AC component, but this last time, we saw a strapping young man instead.

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