The South is actually really nice

Before my bestie and I packed up everything we owned and moved down to the South we always heard from so many people who lived around us that we were making the biggest mistake ever.

  • To this day I don’t suppose what it is about northerners having this preconceived idea about what it is to live in the South.

It honestly seems that in their minds, it consists of nothing but avoiding mosquitoes and burning to death from the tepid and humid weather. Despite all of the horrible messages we were always being told, we still decided to ignore it all and see what it was really like. Now that we have been residing here we honestly couldn’t be happier. It’s true that it gets sizzling here during a certain part of the year, however our home is equipped with a state of the art air conditioning appliance that keeps the dwelling totally cool and refreshing… We also have a pretty nice relationship with our HVAC appliance contractor so we never have to be concerned about not being able to have our HVAC appliance taken care of, which was the complete opposite while living back up north. As for the bugs, they are only awful when you are around a water source. We live in the midst of the suburbs, so fortunately that isn’t a complication for us in. I am so delighted and thankful that we chose not to listen to the chatter all of us heard from friends about this area of the nation. It feels more like home every single day that passes by. Take it from us and make sure to do what you want to do, not what your friends and family believe you should do!
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