The southern cooling device

I won tickets to a hockey game.  I entered a contest, just for fun.  I never thought that I would win tickets for myself and three friends to go to a hockey game.  This is an all expense paid trip for two nights, and it included the flight down. I live in the north and I am used to going to the local hockey games.  It is cold outside, so most of the time, they don’t even need to do anything extra to get ice. They don’t turn on the heat inside, and they allow the natural cold to freeze the ice rink.  We all know how to dress for the cold, and we enjoy the game. This hockey game is in the south. I have no idea how to dress for the game. One of the friends is going along says he has an aunt who lives in that area.  She told him that it was in the seventies, and it was supposed to stay there for the entire week. If it were seventy here, I would be in shorts, but I know that they aren’t wearing shorts. I’m concerned that we won’t be warm enough.  I’m sure they will need to use some kind of super air conditioning to freeze the ice. Will it be cooled from beneath, or will it have super AC throughout the building and keep the entire arena at freezing. Maybe they’ll have heating for the fans.  I can’t imagine them sitting there if it is below freezing. I am in quite a quandary. I think I’ll wear summer clothing and just take a coat along with me.

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