The space heater for my son

My partner and I own a big, old farmhouse.

  • It actually belonged to our great Grandparents way back in the day.

It is so full of history and character. I am so thankful to be living in a lake house full of our own family’s history, then my partner has had to put a lot of toil into this old house. It is undoubtedly high maintenance. The two of us had to update all of the windows to help insulate the lake house a little better. The two of us still lose quite a bit of heat during the Wintertide weeks which makes heating the lake house quite high-priced. The coldest rooms in the lake house are the home offices. I do not guess why, but they seem to lose the most heat. My son’s room is absolutely the coldest. I guess her room is where most of the wind hits the house. The two of us always have an electric space heating system going in her room during the Wintertide weeks so that she staysboilingenough. This Wintertide has been the coldest Wintertide that I can remember since living in this big, old farmhouse. The two of us have had to do even more than usual to keep the lake house warm. It has been a lot of work. Some nights all of us just all camp out in the kitchen near the wood stove in order to stayboilingenough. I have had to use a sixth space heating system in our son’s room because it has been so cold. I cannot wait for this Wintertide to end. It has already been strenuous and it is only January. My partner is going to see if she can do anymore to help insulate the house, but to be honest, even our neighbors with newer houses are having trouble stayingboilingthis winter.

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