The story of the air conditioner

I always thought that air conditioner was a modern invention… I just assumed that people simply went separate from any sort of cooled air up until about 100 years ago, however, I recently found out that weird outdated peoples had their own forms of air conditioner, and take for example the outdated Egyptians, they hung wet reeds in their windows to cool the air via evaporation.

This is much prefer the swamp coolers that every one of us use today.

Before the Egyptians, people used to live in caves plus take fortune of geothermal cooling, and caves stay the same temperature year around, then all of us need temperature control to do that now. The Greeks used sizzling or cool water to heat or cool their palaces. All of us still use this technique in some homes that are heated or cooled with pipes that run under the floors The Chinese invented hand-powered fans. In the Middle East, they thought up air cooling techniques that used the natural air flow to cool their venues. And, the high ceilings of the Victorian Era were that way to keep the heat out of the buildings. The modern a/c was really invented as a way to reduce humidity however it is safe to say that our new Heating plus Air Conditioning systems utilize all of those things that our distant relatives knew plus used. It is easy to fall into the fallacy that only our generation has the brains to invent modern things plus that only now can people live in comfort. This is wrong, people have been inventing ways to stay cool plus comfortable since as long as there were people on this earth.

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