The teacher loves his a/c

School is legitimately not a cool thing, but it is absolutely a part of my life. I’ve legitimately learned to deal with these things. I easily graduated from school plus continued to graduate school. I finished my schooling with a degree in Business studies. I’m not entirely or legitimately sure why a business degree was my idea, because I did not look for a job that involved my learning. I was foolish plus young at that time, but now I have a few children Plus have gone back to school to read nursing. When I was a girl, I easily wanted to be some dr. I had no system why business school was my choice, because nursing school was actually easy. I learned a lot of time management plus legitimately appreciate my classes. There is a single thing that drives me crazy about a unique class. The classroom is truly big plus practically full. The educator keeps the air conditioner very cold. She thinks the air conditioner keeps the students awake, but the classroom is frigid. There are times when I literally wear my winter coat during the entire class., because of the cool air. A lot of students have asked the teacher to adjust the air conditioner, but she constantly answers with a no. She is certain that most of the students will fall asleep, if the air conditioning component is not set to a cold temperature. I really don’t understand the problem, plus I legitimately hope there are no more classes with this person or in this room.

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