The technical side of this is tough

Learning about your HVAC system is important.  Knowing about your HVAC can save you money. It can also help provide quality to your environment.  Everyone knows to change the filter. Having a qualified HVAC specialist maintain the heating & cooling component is also a no brainer.  But there are additional dynamics concerning your HVAC system. Simply leaving the thermostat left in the ON position can change the environment.  When the thermostat is left in the ON position, the fan runs continuously. This simple mistake changes the humidity level in your house. I didn’t realize how much that can affect the entire house.  The humidity rises which then allows mold to grow. When the thermostat is in the AUTO position, the fan only runs during cooling cycles. This setting allows the air conditioner to reduce the humidity levels.  EPA suggests the humidity level to be kept between 30% to 50%. This level discourages mold growth. Additionally, dust mites do not proliferate at lower humidity levels. I didn’t realize how important maintaining proper humidity levels can be to the quality of the air.  Proper HVAC operation can help maintain the humidity. I have even considered using a dehumidifier to work in conjunction with the heating & cooling system. Simple understanding of your HVAC operation can lessen the impact on your wallet. Knowing how the HVAC systems operate at its best can add to the quality of your life.  So, do yourself a favor, take a few hours and learn how your HVAC unit operates. I can almost guarantee you will find useful tips that will help you. Those tips will also help extend the life of your HVAC system.

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