The temperature control giving me grief

There isn’t much you can do about being single, unless you choose to be married.  I wasn’t going to get married just because I wanted to be a part of my friends’ social crowd.  It isn’t that we didn’t all run around together, but a dinner party wasn’t really in the cards for all of us.  When I bought my own home, I wanted to show it off to all of my girlfriends. They may have been married and some had kids, but I had a home that I could call mine, and I had it built.  It was everything I had ever dreamed of. Every appliance was state-of-the-art. The HVAC system practically ran by itself. I loved the new Smart Thermostat that I had installed. I wanted to show off my house, and that was the main reason I had the dinner party.  I had my girlfriends and their husbands over, for that sole reason. When they arrived, I planned on making sure they saw my Smart Thermostat. I was planning on looking at my phone and telling everyone I as checking on my thermostat. About an hour into the night, I could feel a chill in the air.  I looked at my phone and I noticed the temperature was down to sixty, and the thermostat was set at sixty. I upped the thermostat but within five minutes it was right back to sixty again. I dreaded needing to call the HVAC company. I noticed one of my friends looking at her phone and she began to laugh when I saw her.  She told me they had the same HVAC set up at home and she had the same app on her phone.