The temporary work service sent myself and others 2 men that weren’t certainly qualified

Occasionally work can be extremely busy. I run a supplier that works on ventilation concerns. Both of us specialize in the resolution of dust sensitivities. Both of us install items like air purification systems, air filtration systems, ductless Heating & A/C units, plus radiant flooring. Occasionally while in the year are busier than others plus it’s hard to tell when every one of us will get hit with a lot of repairs or upgrade tasks at the same time. I cannot have a lot of full-time employees, because it costs too much money to pay the benefits plus the workers compensation. I have 2 full-time men that work hard plus after that I also hire temporary workers from time to time. There is a temporary work service in this town that hires qualified individuals. I call the temporary work service from time to time plus they send myself and others a qualified individual that can help out for the afternoon. They usually send myself and others someone that is certified in Heating & A/C repairs, although I never believe if that person will have the knowledge or know-how necessary to be helpful while in the afternoon. Last week, the temporary work service sent myself and others 2 men that weren’t qualified at all, however neither a single of the men knew anything about radiant heat plus I needed them to help out on a couple of insulation tasks. When I realized not the men were going to be in the way, I called the work service plus I told the woman that I needed her to send myself and others someone that was qualified. She told myself and others those men were the best that she could do.