The thermostat did end up breaking

Me and my girlfriend just recently did some babysitting for a friend’s kids while they were out of town. We usually are both good with kids, however, my friend’s kids were not as well behaved as most kids we have done babysitting for in the past! First off, the oldest boy went and was playing catch in the house with a baseball, and we did not catch him till after he ended up cracking the thermostat on our wall! Lucky for us, the thermostat did not break and our HVAC system was still working fine as ever. Then, a few days later, the middle aged young boy went and was having a food fight in the basement with the older boy. And wouldn’t ya know it…he threw an apple and it got caught in the air vent of our heating and cooling system! Again, the HVAC system was not damaged, but I had to clean out the HVAC duct with all that broken up apple inside of it. After this happened, I called my friend to come and get his little devil children and told him I would never ever again babysit for his kids until he learned how to teach them respect and to be more human when in other people’s houses. My friend had to come back early to pick up the kids, and he also gave me some extra money for the near damage that almost happened to the HVAC system! Good thing nothing did happen, because HVAC repair is quite pricey these days.

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