The thermostat just won’t quit

The heating in my basement is pretty awesome, but you could argue it’s a little too awesome. I rent out a basement apartment, and my unite uses an old oil boiler to keep the place warm. This place was very dated when I moved in, which is what expected because the apartment is a really great price. However, dated should not mean things don’t work at all. A few days ago, it finally got cold enough to warrant turning on the central heating system. But after just thirty minutes, it felt so warm in my apartment it felt like I needed to take off my sweater before I actually started to sweat! When I went to check the thermostat, it said the basement was 72 degrees. That would be fine, except for the fact that I only set the thermostat for 62 degrees! When I checked the radiators, I could feel and hear that they were still running. The thermostat doesn’t know when to switch the oil boiler off when the desired temperature setting is met. This means my heating is running when I don’t want it to! What’s worse, is that since my central heating uses oil, I’m burning through my fuel when I don’t even need to be using it! I’ve talked to my landlord about replacing the dial thermostat with something more modern. However, he just tells me that it works fine and doesn’t need to be fixed at all. Now I have to make sure I don’t run the central heating in my apartment for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it’ll become way too hot for me to even enjoy it.

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