The thermostat was broken

Back in high school, the people I was with and I had this temperature control that sat in the hallway of the place.

The funny thing was, this temperature control was broken! It had no control over the school’s heating, ventilation & A/C method what so ever.

Us kids used to mess with it for fun, then we’d even make fun of the school saying they were too cheap to remove the temperature control on the wall. All these years later thinking about it, I still don’t recognize why the school never just removed the temperature control from the wall! What was the point of having a useless plus broken temperature control just sitting in the hallway? I’ve even had a discussion about this with a few friends I still am in touch with today as an adult. The two of us still have a great laugh about it. The two of us absolutely have thought about going back to the school to visit, just to see if that broken temperature control on the wall still sits there over 20 years later! Most of the lecturers the people I was with and I had are either dead, retired or no longer at that school of course. But, the people I was with and I did find out 1 single lecturer is still there after all these years! The two of us may absolutely go pay a visit 1 month when the people I was with and I are free from our tasks. I am entirely curious to see if that temperature control on the wall is still sitting there useless plus broke after all this time! It will be too comical plus hilarious if that temperature control is entirely still there! The two of us will all find out next month, as that’s when the people I was with and I are planning to make our visit to the old school.

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