The Tim Hortons was having A/C problems

My friend that’s in addition to myself mad over at Tim Hortons to grab some cappuccino.

Most of us had not viewed one another and several weeks, in addition to the fact that many of us were happy to see each other in addition to chat about our lives in addition to kids.

When I walked out doors on this very day to drive over to Tim Hortons, I noticed a severe increase in warm temperatures overnight. It seemed bami plus downright warm as I drove across town. After arriving to the Tim Hortons for a cup of cappuccino, I opened the door and felt a pressing blast of cold air. In fact, the AC machine seem to be asking pretty hard. I waited in a long line for my order, while the cold AC was running most the time. I tried to sit by a booth that wasn’t near any of the air vents, but it was still far too cold with the AC machine causing so much cold air. I tried waiting for Beth, but I was just getting colder in addition to colder. When I finally arrived, I was completely freezing. Beth told me to speak with a supervisor about the heating an addition to a c problems. The manager apologized in addition to told me that he could certainly change the thermostat if that would make me feel better. The whole time, I guess I could have asked for some help. I just didn’t believe they would do anything to the indoor temperature, just because I was feeling a little too cold.

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