The toilet is building up

A couple of years in the past, everyone in my family got together to buy a nice apartment rental property. Every one of us have been fastidiously working on upgrading the dilapidated condo. Since there is an extra bedroom that neither of us will be using, everyone of us decided to have a roommate move in to help with some of the bills. My bestie Danielle needed a place to stay, plus it worked out very well at the time. Danielle didn’t give us any issues in the beginning, but the very first time we had to call a plumber, we definitely needed to talk. Everyone of us contacted a plumber when the toilet was not working properly. When the plumber went into the piping, they found a bunch of tampons that were clogging up our septic system. The plumber warned us at that time, the problem would continue to happen if our roommate continue to flush tampons plus other things down our septic system. My roommate plus myself had a discussion about the plumbing issues plus flushing tampons in the toilet. Everyone of us agreed that there would be better septic plus Plumbing, if we didn’t throw anything down the toilet other than toilet paper. Everyone of us have not had a single clogged in the last couple of months, so I think that Danielle absolutely was listening when we talked to her about not flushing things into the toilet every single time. Everyone in our apartment tries to keep the septic free of issues, because a plumber is one of the most expensive house calls.

septic system