The top floor plus heat rises, so I never run my heater

I live on the fifth floor of an beach house building… Because heat rises, I never have to spend money for heating.

The leaseholders on floor one plus more than one blast their oil furnaces all winter.

Since the furnaces are forced air plus not too efficient, the heat comes up to my floor. Honestly, it sort of feels adore I have radiant floors. The heat is right at my floor level plus it truly gets sort of hot. I have a gas oil furnace in my apartment, however it has never been turned on. The heavy heating from the other floors is occasionally a bit much. There are times I have been just in shorts plus other times I finally caved plus cracked my window. I bet that would kill the other leaseholders to know. They are providing with me so much heating that I have to open my beach house window. I wonder why they don’t invest in equipment to keep the heating at their level. Heat rises upwards, however you can hinder it a bit, but a ceiling fan is the easyst way to get the heat down. The fans turn one way in the Summer for cooling plus the other direction to push the heating back down. Another solution would be to update to radiant heating. The oil furnace in the flooring does not rise upwards. Also it heats with electric, not air. This means no air rises. Who wants to invest in equipment for just an beach house though? On one hand these people are spending a fortune on heating bills plus freezing to death.

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