The unit is working very hard

In our house the thermostat is a coveted object. My husband always sneaks the temperature lower. My daughter changes the temperature during the night by turning the heat up way too high. Then there’s me. I’m stuck in the middle of this war of the temperatures. I don’t like either extreme. I always set the heating and cooling system to run at the same temperature year round, which is generally around seventy degrees. If we just kept it there, our bills would like a lot smaller. All the rearranging of temperatures makes the heating and cooling system work a lot harder than it needs to. I have had to have the HVAC technician out several time just to fix minor issues that arise from the system working so hard. Now if I see them at it, I’ll get after them about it. I made it so very clear that continuing the war of the thermostat will only get us in trouble. And believe me, when I do catch them doing it, they are indeed in trouble. I don’t want to have to pay for a brand new heating and cooling system before we absolutely have to. It is an expensive purchase! It is not that big of a deal to just deal with the temperature as it is! If my husband is warm, he can put a fan on, and if my daughter is too cold, there are plenty of blankets in the house for her to curl up under. I am just not dealing with this nonsense anymore from them! I have enough going on without having to keep tabs on what is going on with the thermostat.

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