The vent is a problem

Whoever designed the HVAC in my house is a freaking genius. I was really nervous to buy this home because it wasn’t quite what I always wanted. The house was pretty boring, a beige rectangle with not a lot of character. But it had a really beautiful yard, decent acreage, and all of the appliances were up to date. The real estate was even nice enough to let me have an HVAC contractor inspect the central heating system before I made my decision. He said that while yes the house doesn’t have central air conditioning now, it would be easy enough to install in the future if I wanted to. Since the final verdict was that the original oil furnace was still in good shape, I put in my offer and got the house. I’ve since learned that this house is an odd, it’ll fool you into thinking it’s less than it really is. While it doesn’t look like much, it’s a really wonderful home inside. The layout includes an awesome gas fireplace in the living room, which I love cozying up by when it gets chilly at night. That way I don’t have to turn up the heat on the whole first floor. Doing dishes is no longer a major pain in the neck either. The house has a heating register below the cabinet and right under the sink. In short–there is a register that just blow hot air on your feet, so you don’t get cold on the tile while you do your housework. This is the greatest improvement in a home I’ve ever seen.

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