The versatility of the most recent heat pump is astounding

And, it does so with such better efficiency than the oil furnace in our spa

Growing up way in the north region of our country, I had no idea what a heat pump even was for. We used a giant boiler that produced radiant heat throughout our home. The summer time was mild and warm but not all that bad. My Mom would out in a few window a/cs that when combined with lots of box fans worked just fine for us. So, when I moved south, I had a whole modern heating & cooling idea to get myself accustomed to. Let myself and others tell you, I could not have been any more pleasantly surprised by the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C heat pump. Our Winters are nothing compared to what I dealt with up north. There is no snow & the lows rarely get too cold. But, the people I was with and I still require heat & I wasn’t so sure that a heat pump would do the trick. I quickly found out not only does it produce good heat, it does so in a truly remarkable fashion. When I flip the control component from cool to heat, the heat pump can reverse the flow of the refrigerant in the system. Instead of capturing heat & poor it outside, the heat pump uses the refrigerant to extract the heat energy from the outside air. Remarkably, it can do this down to temperatures in the 50s separate from using any supplemental heat. Not only that but our heat pump even heats up the water in our warm tub! There is a valve that takes wasted heat energy & uses it to heat the water in our home spa. And, it does so with such better efficiency than the oil furnace in our spa. I just can’t tell you how awesome our heat pump is. But, it does the best job in efficiently cooling our home.

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