The water and flood ruined my cooling device

My parents and I experienced something rather frightening in our home a single afternoon about 20 years ago.

The more than two of us were kneeling quietly in the entryway enjoying a random sitcom on TV right before bed.

From what I remember, every one of us had just finished dinner and it was the small phase of downtime before I was expected in bed each evening. I’ll never forget what I heard moments later—it started as the sound of wood creaking under pressure, but was magnified by 100 times and then was right away followed by the sound of drywall exploding and a rush of water coming out from behind it. Every piece of affected drywall and wood was black and it odored horrendous. The years since have done nothing to assuage myself and others in regards to pipe leaks and plumbing problems in our house. I have a plumber diligently inspect as much as he can visibly see at least twice a year. I spend a considerable chunk of money on just paying to have our vents and pipes snaked with a camera to check for cracks or breaks. But, little did I know, this entire time I was on the verge of a water leak in our Heating and Air Conditioning air handler. My serviceman thankfully found the problem with our condensate line during his last maintenance inspection. He said I was a few days away from having water backup into the wall next to our air handler indoors, creating a miniature version of what I experienced with our family so numerous years ago. I was entirely shocked that this was a single additional section where I needed to focus our attention, and I had gone so numerous years completely ignorant to this fact. Although I was cheerful our serviceman found it, I nearly had a heart attack when he told me.

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