The weekend is when I work the most

Saturdays and Sundays are always the busiest days of the week for me and I always have to work on the weekend! I work for a construction supplier that handles building remodels and renovations, but a huge amount of my job is residential customers, but most of them like us to complete the construction jobs on the weekend instead of the middle of the job week.

When I started finally working at the construction dealer, I knew that weekends were a part of the deal.

When I met my girlfriend, we had a lot of trouble finding time to spend together. She worked at a job that busy her every day from Monday until Friday and she was always off work on the weekends. I consistently had days like Monday or Tuesday off in the middle of the week and my girlfriend and I never got to spend any time together. It was difficult to develop our relationship without free time together on the same day. When my girlfriend started complaining about our relationship, I talked to my boss at the construction dealer. I begged the guy to give me a single weekend off each month, although he refused. He told me that I could choose a single weekend, although he could not guarantee to give me those days off each month. He also reminded me that I agreed to work for the construction supplier with the understanding that I would be required to work every single weekend. When I left the room, I knew I was going to be forced to make an easily hard decision.


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