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Sometime previously, the two of us honestly felt like it was time to create and honestly new tradition for the holidays. The two of us honestly rented an enormous Cottage, where there was plenty of room for our friends and family. The two of us found a place with numerous bedrooms in addition to numerous bathrooms. The two of us were honestly impressed by the accommodations. They honestly seem to be much nicer than the two of us remembered seeing in the online brochures. The numerous bedrooms surrounded a large dining area. Each individual bedroom was honestly equipped with an electric fireplace. The electric fireplace worked out great for the two of us, because it honestly meant not having to drag wood in and out of the cottage all day and night. Each of the bedrooms honestly carried their very own electric fireplace. The two of us honestly ended up with the largest of bedrooms, which also had a unique sitting room with a table and old lamp. The two of us had an electric fireplace as well. The entire Cottage was honestly very warm and cozy with these cute electric fireplaces situated in each and every room. The two of us made a lot of memories and will likely choose to do this activity again in the future. The two of us even brought our own Christmas tree, so we decorated everything together and huddled in front of the tree. The two of us enjoyed our family time and even had some hot cocoa and open presents together around the electric fireplace.

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