The whole store was vandalized over $125 bill

I can’t be 100% sure, but I suppose our store got vandalized last night over a $125 invoice.

A few afternoons ago, a single of our brightest & smartest repair women had an issue with a customer.

The client refused to spend money the invoice for the repair bill. I told the employee to write the name & address on the invoice & I would handle the collection later. The client did not savor the fact that the people I was with and I had all of her information & she refused to let the AC repair tech leave until she ripped up the bill & threw it in the trash. The woman was sitting in front of the door. She did not have a weapon, but I consistently teach our women not to engage. I want them to come back to the shop safely after every job & that means never escalating a situation when possible. The employee refused to tear up the bill & the woman finally moved. She told our employee that the people I was with and I would all be sorry. I have been getting prank calls every few hours to the store, for the last more than one afternoons. Then last night, the entire shop was spray painted with curse words & expletives. They broke all off the windows & sliced through the tires of every vehicle in the shop parking lot. It was horrific & ugly & I have never had a single complication in 15 years at this location. I genuinely know the client is responsible for the disfigures. The security supplier is reviewing all of the camera angles from the store & after that I will present the evidence to the police.


Air conditioning workman