The whole store was vandalized over $125 bill

I can’t be 100% sure, even though I think my store got vandalized last night over a $125 invoice.

  • A few mornings ago, a single of my brightest and smartest service boys had an issue with a customer.

The customer refused to pay the invoice for the service bill. I told the employee to write the name and address on the invoice and I would handle the collection later. The customer didn’t adore the fact that we had all of his information and he refused to let the AC service tech leave until he ripped up the bill and threw it in the trash. The guy was kneeling in front of the door. He didn’t have a weapon, even though I always teach my boys not to engage. I want them to come back to the shop safely after every task and that means never escalating a situation when possible. The employee refused to tear up the bill and the guy finally moved. He told my employee that we would all be sorry. I have been getting prank calls every few hours to the store, for the last several mornings. Then last night, the entire shop was spray painted with curse words and expletives. They broke all off the windows and sliced through the tires of every car in the shop parking lot. It was horrific and ugly and I have never had a single problem in 15 years at this location. I unquestionably guess the customer is responsible for the destructions. The security supplier is reviewing all of the camera angles from the store and after that I will present the evidence to the police.


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