The windows face the sun

I started out with a bad run of luck after I graduated from college.

I thought that life was going to be free and easy at first, but I was wrong.

Within the first month, my family pet passed away. I had been with her since I was in kindergarten. A couple of weeks later, my family had to leave our house. Carbon monoxide had leaked from our furnace and it was in the house. My mom almost died and she would have if dad hadn’t worked late that night. Mom and dad had to buy a new HVAC system for the house and it was really expensive. Shortly after that, we had a gas pipe break and it got into the water system. I recently bought a new home, and it has become my next source of aggravation. The room I chose for my home office had an entire wall of windows. I loved the sunshine that came through the windows and I thought that it would be soothing with the air conditioning. During the afternoon, the temperature in the office gets so high that I can’t breathe. The unfortunate part is that running the air conditioner high enough to combat the heat of the sun, was eating me out of house and home. I talked to the HVAC company and they recommended that I either have a film put on the windows, or I purchase some shades. I could have the shades pulled when the sun was hot and I could put them up the rest of the day.

HVAC tech