The year without a Christmas?

My children looked at me like I was some kind of a monster when I had to tell them that we wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas on December 25th this year. I told them that there were many people that had Christmas on other days of the year, but they didn’t care. It isn’t that they wouldn’t be able to celebrate, but they wouldn’t be getting a lot of presents for Christmas. It isn’t that I had thrown my money away and I hadn’t planned for Christmas. I just hadn’t planned on having my furnace break down. Even if I had planned for a breakdown of my furnace, I still wouldn’t have been able to know that I would have to replace the entire heating system. I called the HVAC company to see if they could repair the furnace. I had enough in my savings account to be able to handle that much. I knew that I would be able to use the credit card to get the gifts. When the HVAC company told me there wasn’t anything they could do to fix the furnace and the only fix would be to replace it, I couldn’t refuse. I knew that we needed to have heat in our home. I know that my kids are going to hate me, but I did what was best for them. I also know that their disappointment won’t last long, or at least I hope it doesn’t. When they are older, I’m sure they will understand that I chose having a new furnace installed over having a massive pile of gifts under the Christmas tree.


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