The zoo should be enclosed and air conditioned.

I have never really liked going to the zoo, but my kids love it, so off we go.

People ask why I go to the zoo if I don’t like it, and how could anyone not like the zoo? Maybe they have never gone to the zoo and smelled all of those animals. One would think that with all of the air around, the smell would be gone, but it isn’t. It is terribly warm, walking around in the sun and once you get sunburned, the pain lasts for quite a while. They are just two of many reasons why I don’t like the zoo. I think the zoo would be so much more fun if they had it completely encased inside a building. They could have a strong heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that would be able to keep not just the visitors comfortable, but the animals too. I can’t believe that all of those animals enjoy being out in the sun all day without any air conditioning. If the entire zoo was inside, they could have humidifiers and dehumidifiers. They are able to enclose the polar bears and other winter animals, and keep them comfortable with the use of some very strong air conditioning systems. They probably have a chiller which is the strongest of AC systems. I can’t believe they can’t close off all of the animals in this way and give the visitors HVAC to also keep them comfortable without all of the weather and the odors.

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