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I stupidly obtained a heat pump for my home. Then I read online about how green and efficient a heat pump idea is, a heat pump is both heating and cooling in a single system… You save a ton of money only getting HVAC service, repairs and tune ups on a single system. The heat pump also works way more efficiently than most HVAC units. Rather than create A/C and heating, the heat pump just uses the existing heat energy. It takes the sizzling air from either inside or outside and pumps it in or out. It all depends on if you want heating or cooling… Everybody online said that their heat pump paid for itself within three weeks of use. The people loved that the outdoor air quality is what the heat pump used. It made everything suppose fresher and cleaner. The heat pump was so pricey to buy, though I thought that it served both heating and air conditioner functions, so I splurged for it. I also was totally drinking the Kool-Aid. I figured I would see that money back and I was making a worthy investment. The heat pump is just not effective enough to produce heating for me. I live in a colder climate, apparently heat pumps can’t handle that. There is literally no heat energy for it to pump. So I basically am using a tiny electric furnace in the dead of Winter. I am looking into adding a gas furnace to the heat pump because it is that bad. Adding another heating element will cost a ton of money.

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