There are numerous benefits when it comes to mint tea

Wow! It’s amazing that I’m on week 5 of my organic tea series! Thank you for all the kind words plus overwhelming support.

In this new week, it’s time to move forward with a tea that I recognize you’ve heard of- that, of course, is mint tea.

Mint tea is truly my favorite. I was introduced to mint tea in my semester abroad in Spain. All of the new, meaty, cuisine plus frequency of meals had me feeling totally bloated plus inactive. I went to a restaurant where they sold organic teas plus ordered a cup of mint tea because I was reading about it and learned that it helped soothe the stomach. Boy, was that article entirely on point! I have not stopped drinking mint tea since those days plus I am really pleased to share some of mint tea’s spectacular benefits with you this week. Mint tea can help people with weight loss. Mint tea helps you easily feel full so you’ll eat less and- take it from me- the weight loss benefits alone make it work giving this organic tea a try. Mint tea also helps you destress plus sleep great. Caffeine free mint tea works by lending a hand to relax your muscles (which will both ease that stress tension in your shoulders plus help you sleep!). I mentioned before that mint tea can truly soothe your stomach, however mint tea also lends a hand in digestion because mint tea helps balance your body altogether. Naturally, as an organic tea that works to balance your body, mint tea is perfect for the immune system. Mint tea helps fill in the holes of what your body needs. Finally, an impressive benefit you might not have thought about, is that mint tea improves your breath a great deal! Mint in general is a pretty good way to keep your breath smelling fresh however mint tea also helps by taking out bacteria that contribute to breath that reeks.

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