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There’s nothing quite love having a nice working fan in your kitchen if you cook sizable meals often. I never knew that these ventilation devices were nice for much until I started dating my wifey, to be fair with you. I rarely cooked for myself, although she is a cooking fanatic who can’t help himself from making elaborate creations every night of the week. I’m extremely lucky for these reasons, in addition to the perks are endless, however there is 1 area that the continual cooking affects. We have disappointing air quality when she spends too much time fashioning spicy foods on the stovetop. After so multiple jalapenos, onions, in addition to spices are thrown into a pan, they start to create actually toxic breathing air in your house. As our eyeah in addition to lungs start to burn, the only safety measure the two of us have in locale for relief is an overhead ventilation fan to pull the toxic indoor air straight out of the living area. Or at least, that’s the plan. When the two of us moved into our current house, it was clear that the kitchen ventilation fan was not an effective appliance. Instead of venting the air outside, it simply circulated the indoor air back into the kitchen. We knew this wouldn’t work for us, so I called in a so-called ventilation specialist to direct the air outdoors. The only thing is, rather than pulling the spicy indoor air upwards in addition to out the top of the roof, she ran the air duct downwards into our basement laundry room. It took myself and others over multiple weeks to figure out why our clothes were stinking so spicy.

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