There is a big issue with the heating unit

There have been times when I wanted to simply stay inside, crank up the heater, & hide from the cold weather with a good book. Those times always happen when it’s super chilly & snowy outside.  I hate dealing with cold weather and rapidly dropping temperatures. I consider myself very fortunate because my home provides the perfect getaway from the cold. I have a gas fireplace in my living room, as well as radiant flooring throughout the home. My fireplace is nice for mornings when I have a little time to relax and sip coffee.   Most of the time I prefer to use my radiant heated floors. They can ensure that the house feels nice & cozy. It heats up the whole house in just a few hours, and there’s no issue with cold spots in the house. The radiant flooring disperse the heat so well that every single corner is perfectly warm. This is so superior to my old Heating system that was in my last house. It was provided heated air through the handful of air vents in the home, and I was always forced to run the heating system longer than I should have.  It took a long time to spread the heated air into every corner of the house. This led to high energy bills & a lot of frustration. Since I hate the cold, the radiant system is ideal for me. I’m totally & completely satisfied with the comfort of my home no matter how bad the weather. I stay warm, even when the snow starts to fall and the temperature drops below freezing. I don’t mind the Wintertime all that much because I can handle it with the heated floors.