There is a horrible stink in my husband’s car

My husband’s car stinks just terrible! I don’t guess what the problem is with the car, but it seems love the interior of the car is basically just ruined; Some guy that he loaned the car to had smoked in the car, and the whole car stinked love the inside of an ashtray.

  • I noticed that every time every one of us would turn on the heating or the a/c in the car, the stink would get even worse, however the heating would blow through the air vents just fine, but the stink would be so strong that I could hardly even kneel to ride in the car.

I called the garage and asked them if there was anything that they could do for myself and others to help with the heating and cooling situation. The guy I talked to said I might be better off talking to a heating and cooling company than a respected outdated garage mechanic. But he said that I should bring the car in and they could at least change out the air filters in the car for me. I went in and they changed the air filter in the car and it did actually make the interior of the car stink a little bit better. But I still noticed the disappointing smoky stink whenever every one of us would turn the heating or the cooling plan on full blast. I decided that the best thing to do at that point would be to drive around with all of the windows rolled down while leaving the heating and the air conditioning system plan blasting on high. I suppose that leaving the plan running on full blast through the new air filter with the windows down was the most helpful thing that every one of us could have done to get rid of the odor.

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