There is an old guy in our HVAC company that is growing senile

I work as an HVAC technician for one of the local HVAC companies, and we only have a few HVAC technicians in our company.

Some of them are young, but most of the HVAC technicians are middle-aged.

We only have two guys that are over the age of 60. One of the men is an HVAC technician who also happens to be the owner of the HVAC company. He doesn’t do a lot of fieldwork anymore because the duties of managing the HVAC company have grown and become too much for him to do alongside actual fieldwork. We also have another HVAC technician that is 75 years old. This HVAC technician’s name is Dale, and as far as HVAC technicians go, he is a great guy. When I first started working for this HVAC company, I began all of my training with Dale. He taught me most of what I know about fixing furnaces and air conditioners, and he knows a lot. However, now that Dale has grown older, I am not sure that he should be working as an HVAC technician anymore. He only works for the HVAC company a few days a week, and he is always canceling whenever the weather is cold or uncomfortable. He also has forgotten most of what he knew, and he messes up a lot while working on HVAC units. He can’t do service calls anymore, and he honestly should consider retiring. Sadly, our HVAC company doesn’t offer a retirement plan, and he hasn’t put aside any money for retirement. I feel bad for the guy.


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