There is no second option

I entirely love my air conditioner.

It just makes everything better.

I have never loved the sun or sizzling weather. I love colder weather and temperatures. I grew up in the far North, however my task has required myself and others to transfer farther South. Although I got a raise, I also got a much hotter temperature to work in. Now, I am consistently using my air conditioner to stay cool. When I was in the North, I didn’t need an air conditioner. The air outside was cold, and all I needed was a fan if it got a tiny bit warm. Now that I am in the South, I have realized that nothing can substitute an air conditioner. There is literally no nice alternative to the air conditioner. If the locale that you live is very warm, you will likely be forced to be sizzling all the time without an air conditioner… Fans don’t work, because they blow sizzling air in your face. Standing in the shade doesn’t work, because although you escaped the warmer temperatures, you still have the humidity to make you irritated. You could live on a mountain where the temperatures are cooler, however then you would have less oxygen and a hard climb. In reality, an air conditioner is a necessary appliance for every house in a sizzling temperature. I just don’t understand why or how people live without air conditioners. It isn’t love air conditioners are very costly to purchase or use. They use a small amount of electricity compared to the price that you spend my money for not having an air conditioner.

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