There is no way the kid didn’t see me

I have had a couple of close encounters in the past when I thought I was going to get bit by a dog.

One time, I was in an apartment working on an AC repair.

I didn’t realize the dog was loose. The dog charged around the corner of the kitchen and I got a nice bite on my leg. I didn’t have to go to the hospital or the ER, but the bruise was there for weeks after the cut healed. Another time, I was working on a furnace repair for a really nice old lady with a little dog. She had the dog on her lap the whole time until it started growling. She let the dog down on the floor and I nearly jumped into the chair to get away. After that encounter, I stopped working on apartments for a long time. Then one day the boss needed me to help another guy finish with a new AC installation. The job was taking a long time and the customer was due home in two hours. Since the owner didn’t have any dogs, I agreed to help my coworker complete the rest of the AC installation. I was walking to the truck to grab some supplies, when a kid passed by with a mean looking dog. The dog started to snarl and the kid looked me right in the eyes and let go of the leash. It happened so fast, but it was like slow motion. The dog was on top of me in less than a second. I had to get 39 stitches in my arm, chest and face. The police never found the dog or the young kid.


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