There is nothing better than turning your cooling system on for the first time

You know, I have heard a lot of people complain about the odor that a gas furnace makes when you first turn it on in the winter.

  • Obviously, that odor comes from the dust and cobwebs that the gas furnace burns when you first turn the Heating and A/C unit on after a long time of not using it, then however, have you noticed that nobody ever complains when they turn their cooling system on for the first time? Even if they complain about having to install the cooling system if they have a window cooling system, once they turn it on, it feels like they are in heaven! Unlike gas furnaces, cooling systems don’t have a odor when you first turn them on.

All you have to do it plug the cooling system in and prefer the nice cool air that your cooling system is making! Sometimes, you might have to wipe the air filter in your cooling system, but that is the most service that you will have to do to your cooling system to get it ready to be turned on, then even though you could argue that gas furnaces are more necessary to humans than an cooling system, the two of us would easily all agree that cooling systems are the preferred Heating and A/C unit. Honestly, our preferred day of the entire year is the day when I get to walk over to the thermostat and turn the cooling system on to guess the nice cool air. My sixth preferred day is when I get to turn the gas furnace off. That should tell you that our cooling system is our preferred Heating and A/C unit.

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