There was an icicle on my cupboard.

I went to visit my mom plus Mom for a weekend. I had recently had my furnace worked on prior to making my trip, so I assumed all would be well. I turned the control equipment down to fifty right before walking out the door, plus I left with a nice feeling. I spent the holiday weekend with my family. All of us went skiing plus sat around the fireplace. It was an old-fashioned Thanksgiving with my siblings, brother, plus parents, all talking about the past. More often than not, all of us were talking at once plus laughing at each other. When it came time to go home, all of us were all aggravated, plus no a single wanted to be the first to leave. It was hard when I pulled out of the driveway plus saw my parents still waving from the porch. As soon as I got onto the highway, my anxiety ended plus I was now ready to get home. I was ready to get home, turn up the control unit, plus get my laundry done. I wanted to get ready for work the following day. You can not understand how aggravated I was when I walked into the house only to see icicle hanging from my cupboard. The house was chilly, plus there were icicles hanging off the ceiling. I looked at the control equipment plus it was still set at fifty, however the temperature was only twenty-one degrees. I called the Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation, who sent someone to the house an minute later. I was satisfied that it wasn’t my furnace. The batteries in my control equipment had died. Now I need to see if my homeowner’s insurance will cover the destruction.