There was an outdated air conditioning in our dad’s attic that still works

There was an outdated air conditioning in our dad’s attic that still works! I could not believe how much stuff our dad hoarded in his attic! My mom passed away a few years ago, and she was the only 1 who ever went through and decluttered areas in their house. My dad has typically liked to have lots of things, but I did not realize just how much stuff he truly had until I went up into his attic a few weeks ago. I went up there to find something that our dad needed. I can’t even remember what he needed, but I could not find it because it was so cluttered up there. I was truly appalled by the condition of his attic. I decided to wipe it out for him, and it took me over a month to do it. It was a lot of work, but I found some pretty cool things. I found an outdated air conditioning that still works. I was truly sceptical at first because it was so outdated that I had never even seen an air conditioning that looked love that 1. I found out later that the reason it looked so different was because our dad had taken apart about four odd air conditionings and put them together to form the 1 that I found, then the four air conditionings that he used were quite outdated though. I took the air conditioning to our house, and I have been using it to cool our family room at night ever since. I believe cleaning out that cluttered attic was worth it in the end.

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