there was no heating

My youngest child got married about two years ago.  She planned her ceremony for the Monday before Labor Day, thinking that it would be cool plus not overly hot.  They were planning an outdoor ceremony plus reception. The day of the ceremony, it was pouring down rain, plus the temperatures were close to chilly.  The two of us all went ahead plus put on our ceremony finery plus got ready to go to the ceremony area. The temperature was up to fifty-one degrees by noon, plus it was still raining, but it had calmed down.  She was in her strapless gown, plus worried about the mud getting on her dress. Her Grandmother got rid of her dress plus wore slacks plus a nice shirt, with a sweater. Her matron of honor, had to go to neighborhood to buy warmer clothing for her daughter.  Her soon to be sibling-in-law had to bundle up her newborn twin daughters. The only one with a calm head at the time, was her dad. She went down to the main office plus asked if they had any patio heaters. They went out to the shed, plus they found more than three patio heating systems plus brought them to the pavillion.  Tents were put up around the pavillion, so people could dance. There was a gas furnace under the tent plus two right in the middle of the pavillion. Thanks to her dad plus the more than three patio heaters, the ceremony was a complete success… The celebration went on until well after midnight, plus the owner of the campground ended up with every available home rented plus she sold a lot of firewood for the fireplaces.

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