There’s a lot of parts in here

Everyone in my town was surprised, when the old Walmart shopping center was turned into a furnace parts warehouse. Everyone expected a new grocery store to occupy the area. No one anticipated the shopping center would be turned into an industrial park. The furnace parts warehouse was an entirely new business to the area, so it did create a lot of jobs. It took several months to turn the shopping center in to the furnace parts warehouse, but it looked great in the end. They advertised jobs in the paper, for two or three months. They needed a lot of people to fill positions in the busy furnace parts warehouse. They were looking for skilled labor positions, like forklift driver, accounts manager, and computer drafters. They also had advertisements for people to work in the Distribution Center. My son applied for a job in the furnace parts warehouse. He was working at the grocery store, and wanted to try something new. We were surprised when he got an interview right away. They hired my son to work in the order fulfillment center. He receives a decent hourly wage, medical and dental benefits, and paid holidays. He spends most of the day boxing furnace parts and getting them ready for shipment. He works five days a week, with the option for overtime most weeks. My son is flourishing in the new job, and I think it’s exciting. I think it was a great idea to turn that Walmart into a furnace parts warehouse. So many jobs have been created, and they didn’t tear down any more trees.  

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