There’s a weird smell coming from our air conditioning vents

The weather is finally heating up after we endured a long, cold winter and I am so glad! I am one of those people who loves the summer heat and the sun and whenever it’s cold outside I am usually just miserable.

Well, I was already getting my sundresses, shorts, and tank tops out of storage along with my sandals and flip flops.

I always try to rush it and sometimes I end up getting all of my summer stuff out and then suddenly it snows again or something! It’s terrible when I’m so excited about summer and then I end up having to use the furnace all over again. Well, this year I jumped the gun all over again and turned the furnace off too early. It did get cold again and it even snowed a little bit. Of course, the very next week the weather started heating up again. It got to be sunny and nice out again and finally, I got to put on shorts and a tank top! Then, I finally got to turn the heating system off and switch the HVAC system over to the central air conditioning system. Well, as soon as I finally got warm enough to turn the A/C on because the house was getting hot and stuffy, I noticed that the cooling system didn’t seem to be working correctly. Then right after that, I started to smell a weird smell coming from the A/C vents. I ended up having to call and get an appointment for an air conditioning repair.